Did You Know?… Chiropractic Edition

Did you know…that chiropractors search for the underlying causes of symptoms instead of just treating the symptoms?

When you go see a medical doctor for a musculoskeletal complaint, they aren’t the least bit interested in what caused it. They only care about relieving symptoms, usually with medications); which is great for now…but what happens when those symptoms return a few weeks later? Or when those medications they gave you cause side effects for which you need more medication? The chiropractors at Pro Chiropractic care about your symptoms, of course, but we look deeper to determine what is actually causing those symptoms to manifest and we address that. Do you have low back pain? That low back pain might not even be from a low back issue. It may be because your big toe isn’t working the way it’s supposed to which wreaks havoc on the biomechanics of the other joints in your feet, ankles, knees and hips; and because your body is an expert at overcompensating, that pain can manifest in your low back. Fix the biomechanical issue in the big toe and “voilà”…no more low back pain.

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